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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
6/16/1950 Mithun Chakravorty, famous Hindi film actor, was born.
6/16/1859 Anandram Dhekial Fukun, father of modern Assamia poetry and essay writer, passed away.
6/16/1893 Karumuttu Thiagarajan Chettiar, social worker and industrialist, was born at Athikkadu Thekkur in Tamil Nadu.
6/16/1920 Hemant Chaudhary, famous singer and music director, was born.
6/16/1925 Chittaranjan Das, great freedom fighter, revolutionary, orator, poet, journalist and lawyer, died.
6/16/1934 M. Muthuraman, noted Hindi writer and professor, was born at Dindigul in Madurai (Tamil Nadu).
6/16/1946 Britain invites Indian leaders to set up an interim govt at London.
6/16/1946 C. Rajagopalchari became the Governor of West Bengal (1947) in Interim Government.
6/16/1946 Cabinet Mission negotiations were discontinued. Viceroy proposed Interim Government.
6/16/1950 Mithun Chakravorty, famous Hindi film actor, was born.
6/16/1951 Nehru opponents founded People's party at New Delhi.
6/16/1990 Bombay gets 42 cm rainfall, the century's highest. The previous high of 41 cm was recorded on 18, 1986.
6/16/1990 GOI announces higher procurement/minimum support prices for all major kharif crops.
6/16/1992 P. D. Dhhavle, former editor of daily newspaper `Maharashtra', passed away.
6/16/1993 Harshad Mehta accuses PM of taking Rs. 1 crore payoff from him in November 1991; Rao terms it malicious and unfounded.
6/16/1997 P. Sukumaran (50), Malayalam film actor, died in Kochi.
6/16/1997 K. R. Narayanan, Vice-President, is the joint candidate of Congress(I) and United Front for Presidentship in July 14 election.
6/16/1998 Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh Prime Minister, meets her Indian couterpart A B Vajpayee in New Delhi.


Other Historical Dates and Events
6/16/1998Sher Shah defeats Humayun near Buxar at Chausa and becomes emperor of Delhi.
4/1/1941Ajit Laxman Wadekar, cricketer (stalwart Indian batsman & capt and Team Manager), was born in Bombay. He has received the Arjun Award (1967) and Padmashree (1972).
10/28/1984Federal agents early this morning caught Guru Shree Rajneesh trying to flee the country. Rajneesh was charged with violating immigration laws and arranging phoney marriages for his cult members. The religious leader was nabbed at Charlotte, North Carolina airport when his jet, bound for Bermuda, touched down for re-fueling. The Bhagwan ran a commune of about 1,500 people in Oregon. Thousands more cult members live in Rajneesh's native land India and other countries. He knew the federal government had no faith in him after his chief adviser, a woman named Ma Anand Sheela, was arrested in West Germany for several minor offenses. Rajneesh appeared in court on this date clad in a lavender robe.
7/31/1952Bela Mitra, commander of ""Nari Vahini"" and activist of ""Azad Hind Fauj"", passed away. She also worked as partition refugee.
2/19/1891Amrita Bazaar Patrika became a daily newspaper.
5/18/1901Nibaran Chandra Chakrabarti, great poet and Hindi writer, was born in Brahmangaon, (Dacca).
3/1/1992Anant Gundopant Tendulkar, great journalist, passed away.
2/9/2000The Madras High Court suspends the one-year jail sentence passed by a Special Court against the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Ms. Jayalalitha, in the 'Pleasant Stay Hotel Case'.
4/1/1889Hindu', English language newspaper changed its perodicity from weekly (20/09/1888) to daily.
2/28/1989S. B. Chavan, Finance Minister, presents a Rs. 7337 crore-deficit budget for 1989-90.