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Historical Event on 11/18/1898

Prabodhchandra Bagchi, researcher of ""Ancient History of India"", was born.

Other Historical Dates and Events
12/12/1965Vijayanta, first India-made millitary tank which was handed over to the Army, was manufactured at Avadi Heavy Vehicles Factory at Madras.
7/30/1987Rajiv Gandhi escaped an attack on him at Colombo.
6/1/1904Four Language panel were used for Rangoon. This panel had languages namely Burmese, Urdu, Tamil and Chinese.
5/5/1966Jan Congress Party was established in Orissa.
5/11/1919Troops under General Barrett inflicted a sharp reverse today on the invading Afghans at Bagh Springs. The whole of the frontier area was up in arms with tribesmen threatening Landi Khotal and martial law being proclaimed in Peshawar. It was expected however that General Barrett, well equipped with guns and airplanes, would soon control the situation. Reports had been reaching London for some time about the possibility of an Afghan incursion following the murder of the pro-British Emir Habibullah. His third son, Amanullah Khan, who took over the throne, was known to be hostile toward the government of India.
12/4/1997World Bank commits to Haryana a loan of $600 millions (about Rs. 2,350 crores) - largest single bank loan to any State.
1/21/1924Professor Madhu Dandavate, former Finance Minister, was born at Ahmednagar.
3/14/1967Vijay Yadav, cricketer (Indian wicket-keeper between More & Mongia), was born in Gonda.
1/22/1858Veer Narayan Singh, freedom fighter, was sentenced to death.
6/1/1980AIADMK wins Tamil Nadu Assembly election; Congress (I) wins in U.P, M.P, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra and Orissa.